Our Product Categories

Take care of your patients by letting us address your medical supply needs. Gaboro Medical Supply offers a range of products that address the specific conditions of your customers and patients. As a leader in providing medical supplies in the Eastern United States, we focus on offering excellent customer care for the following products:

Urology & Incontinence Care

We offer a wide selection of urology supplies to address various conditions. From catheters to leg bags and other products, we make sure you are equipped to provide excellent care and supplies for your patients.

Wound Care

Gaboromed recognizes the importance of supporting the appropriate use of advanced wound dressings in accordance with your plan of care. Due to our affordable wound care supplies, we are able to reduce cost without compromising the quality of care.

Diabetic Services

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is very important for those with diabetes. We offer many products to keep patients healthy. From glucose test strips and syringe kits to lancets and blood monitoring systems, we have what you need.

Ostomy Services

There is probably nothing more personal than Ostomy supplies.  Gaboro Medical Supply knows that ostomy bags are definitely NOT one size fits all. In fact, not one brand or manufacturer can fit everyone comfortably.
Every ostomy patient has to find that balance between fit, comfort, and affordability.
Often times the insurer and not the end user has the last word on affordability. We can help you through the process. Gaboro Medical Supply has a great supply and selection of ostomy bags and accessories.

Our mission is to provide a Customer First approach to medical supplies and service.